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ACH Blocks and Filters

Protect your account from electronic fraud!

Protect your account from electronic fraud with ACH Blocks and Filters.

ACH Blocks and Filters allows your business to proactively prevent unauthorized electronic transactions on your account by giving you the ability to reject potentially fraudulent or unauthorized Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions before they post to your account.
How do ACH Blocks and Filters work?
It’s this easy!
ACH Filter
  • You let us know what ACH transactions should be allowed to post to your company’s checking account.
  • All authorized ACH transactions will be allowed to post as they are presented to us.
  • If an ACH transaction is presented that has not been allowed, you make the decision to pay or return it in Online Banking.
ACH Block
  • All ACH transactions are automatically blocked from posting to your checking account and will be returned to the originator.
Benefits of ACH Blocks and Filters
  • Automatically identify possible fraud.
  • Protects from costly losses and compromised account information.
  • You are in control of the list of permitted or blocked ACH transactions to your company’s checking account.

Return all debits or all credits – or return all ACH items – so they will be blocked from posting and preventing fraudulent ACH transactions. It can also be refined and customized to block types of payments or items from a specific payee.

Allow only specified ACH debit and credit transactions to post to your account or opt to preauthorize transactions from trusted companies. Simply provide a list of authorized ACH transactions or trusted companies and their Customer Identification Number (CIN).
To learn more about ACH Blocks and Filters, contact a Treasury Services Banker today.