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ACH Origination

Cost-effective and convenient payment alternatives!

Originate ACH through a secure site.

Efficiently manage cash flow in and out of your business with our ACH services. 
Collect Payments Electronically
Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit is a great way to collect one-time and recurring payments from your customers electronically. Receive payments from suppliers and other customer payments such as rent, dues, and membership fees. ACH origination is a low-cost alternative for payment collections. Benefits not only include reduced postage and printing costs for your business, but it also provides your customer the convenient option to pay electronically.
Send Funds Quickly
Send payments to your employees and vendors electronically and with ease using ACH origination. Make a variety of consumer payments, including payroll, expense reimbursement, and bonuses. For ACH vendor payments, the related payment information such as invoice number, date, and discount can also be included. Benefits include reduced processing time, reduced expenses related to costs of checks and related supplies. Plus, reduced postage and printing costs and no lost or stolen checks!
Cash Concentration
All your funds accessible in one location!
Use ACH to consolidate funds from your company’s accounts in multiple locations to your Providence Bank Operating Account. Cash concentration is a timely, cost-effective way to consolidate and keep track of funds from multiple business locations.
Additional Benefits of Cash Concentration
  • Your locations can continue to use local banks and the deposits they make can be transferred into your Providence Bank account.
  • Funds are available in your Providence Bank account on the next business day after the transfer.
  • The time and cost of initiating wire transfers are eliminated.
  • Cash Concentration can also be used to transfer funds from your Providence Bank account to a location’s outlying bank account and funds are available in the local account the next business day.
 Contact a Treasury Services Banker to learn more about saving time and money with ACH Origination.