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Bill Pay

Make payments the smart way!

Simplify your life with bill pay!

Manage and pay your bills – all in one place and in minutes!

Avoid the hassle of writing checks, addressing envelopes or buying stamps. You’ll save time and money! It’s FREE, there is no additional cost to use Bill Pay!
  • Secure access through Online and Mobile Banking.
  • Schedule payments securely with Alexa Voice Bill Pay.
  • Add payees quickly and easily.
  • Set up unlimited single or recurring payments.
  • Receive payment reminders via text and/or email.
  • Track payment history up to 18 months.
  •  Receive eBills for any payee offering electronic billing.
  • Pay bills in less time.
  • Minimize late fees and mail delays.
  • View your payments in one central location.
  • Control payments with your own rules and timing.
  • Schedule next-day payments. Fees and limits may apply.


Your cell phone provider may charge additional fees for Web access or text messages.