Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting

Receive reports quickly and easily!

Get more from your ACH transactions with EDI Reporting.

 Details and clarity are things we want when it comes to our business. With Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you get that!
EDI data is attached to the ACH payment and includes payment-related information such as invoice number, reference number and discount amounts from your trading partners. EDI also makes it easier to do business with trading partners or government agencies that often require this capability.
With EDI, your business will benefit from:
  • Immediate access to complete payment information.
  • Reduced internal paperwork, processing time, and staff expense.
  • Automated accounts receivable collection processing and reporting.
  • Quick and automated conversion of ACH transaction data.
  • Delivery via Online Banking.
  • Secure and trusted network.
 Improve your information management efficiencies and processes with EDI reporting today. Contact a Treasury Services Banker to learn more.