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Safe Online Banking

Your security & privacy is our priority!

How We Make Online Banking Safe & Secure

We're committed to help you stay safe when you bank online.
The security and privacy of your personal information is our priority.
Here are just a few of the safeguards we use to help protect your information:
 Password Protection
A password is your first line of defense when accessing an account online. Security begins with a strong password. Your password should be unique to you and should be changed regularly. Do not use birth dates or other numbers or words that may be easy for others to guess. Experts advise using a combination of letters and numbers. Always carefully control who has access to your password.
Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information. We provide notice of our privacy policy at account opening. You can also review our
Privacy Policy anytime on our website or calling to request a copy.

Once online, your transactions and personal information are secured by encryption software that coverts private information to code that is only readable by you and us. To show that your transmission is encrypted, some browsers display a small icon that looks like a secure padlock whenever you conduct secure transactions online. Look for the secure padlock in the bottom right hand of your browser and https in the address line to make sure your information is encrypted.
Help Guard Your Personal Information
All the safeguards in the world won't help you if you give your personal information away. Learn how to safeguard your banking information, credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers and other personal data. Check out Protect Your Identity for more tips for safe online banking and ways to guard against schemes, scams and fraud.

Protecting the security of your money and identity is as important to us as it is to you. Let's work together to protect it.