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COVID-19 Resource Page


We've got this.....TOGETHER!

This is a challenging time, and while the news is constantly changing, one thing will remain the same: you have a resource in Providence Bank/Premier Bank Texas. In addition to offering relief measures, we’re making sure you can connect to the financial services you need AND we’re empowering our bankers to support you any way they can. Here is some information that will answer many of the questions you might have.
Providence Bank & Premier Bank Texas remain open to continue to assist you with your financial needs while taking every precaution to keep you and our employees safe.

While SOME of our banking center lobbies have re-opened, we continue to encourage you to utilize our drive-up services for everyone's safety.  Visit our Locations & Hours page for our hours of operation.
Here are the locations with lobbies open:
Forum Banking Center, Columbia, MO
Fifth Street Banking Center, Columbia, MO
Stadium Banking Center, Jefferson City, MO
Wildwood Banking Center, Jefferson City, MO
Ellis Banking Center, Jefferson City, MO
Osage Beach Banking Center, Osage Beach, MO
Elsberry Banking Center, Elsberry, MO
Winfield Banking Center, Winfield, MO

Additionally, we can assist you by phone with many of the services for which you might have previously come into the bank, such as opening a new account or renewing a certificate of deposit. This will expedite any transactions you might have. Simply call us at 888.206.2730 .

You may request an appointment should you need to access your safe deposit box or for other transactions that are not possible through our drive-up or by phone for the banking center lobbies that remain closed. Please call us at 888.206.2730  to find out how we best can assist you.

We highly encourage you to utilize our other banking services like Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Pay which offer convenient ways to check balances and verify transactions, transfer funds and pay bills 24/7. You can also deposit checks at your convenience using our Mobile Banking app and your smartphone.  Visit our  Online & Mobile Banking page.
At Providence Bank/Premier Bank Texas we understand that there are many financial uncertainties right now. We are taking immediate action to provide relief to customers who find themselves impacted by financial hardships, family illness or loss of work due to COVID-19. If you are having financial hardships, please contact us to speak to one of our Bankers regarding your situation.  

Here are some of the ways we are offering assistance to our customers:
Loan Payment Deferrals
Our loan customers, both consumers and businesses, may be eligible for loan payment deferral options for up to 6 months. For business customers experiencing a cash flow shortage, a short-term working capital line of credit may be the option for you.

Small Business & Commercial Loan Assistance
We are a Small Business Administration (SBA) preferred lender and are fully participating in The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) which includes the Paycheck Protection Program. We can also assist you with the other programs available through the CARES Act. Applying for these loans may seem overwhelming, but our Bankers are here to answer any questions to assist you.

To learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program within the CARES Act, please click here.

Consumer Deposit Customers
We understand many of our customers are struggling during these challenging times. To help, we have temporarily waived our Mobile Deposit Fees.  If you are experiencing any other challenges or have additional questions, please contact us.
  • Visit the Economic Impact Payment Center to answer questions like:

    • Economic Impact Payment Eligibility
            (Including payments to deceased parties)

    • How to request your Economic Impact Payment
    • Calculating your Economic Impact Payment
    • Receiving your Economic Impact Payment
As a Small Business Administration (SBA) Preferred Lender, Providence Bank and Premier Bank Texas are fully participating in The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) which includes the Paycheck Protection Program. We can also assist you with the other programs available through the CARES Act. Applying for these loans may seem overwhelming, but our Bankers are here to answer any questions to assist you.
To learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program within the CARES Act, please click here or Contact Us.
The provisions impacting IRAs are effective immediately. The CARES Act provides relief for IRA owners, including the following: (1) Coronavirus-Related Distributions that are exempt from the early distribution penalty (i.e., 10% penalty for Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and certain SIMPLE IRA withdrawals and 25% penalty for certain other withdrawals from SIMPLE IRAs) (2) option to repay a Coronavirus-Related Distribution(s) over a three year period; (3) a temporary suspension of the required minimum distributions (RMDs) for 2020; and (4) relief to IRA beneficiaries who would be required to take distributions from Inherited IRAs during 2020. IRA Disclosure Supplement
The CARES Act also includes provisions that have an immediate impact on HSAs. For plan years beginning on or before December 31, 2021, an HSA-qualifying high-deductible health plan (HDHP) may now include coverage for telehealth services or other remote care as well as COVID-19 testing and treatment prior to the deductible being satisfied. As well, the definition of qualified medical expenses for HSA purposes now includes over-the-counter medical products, including menstrual care products. HSA Disclosure Supplement
The health and well-being of our employees, customers and communities is always a top priority for us. We’ve enhanced thorough cleaning practices in our banking centers and on our ATM machines in an effort to support a healthy banking experience. More than half of the bank’s employees are able to work remotely and continue to provide great customer service. We are encouraging all of our employees and customers to follow the personal hygiene recommendations provided by the CDC. Our team is also avoiding non-essential travel and using video conference rather than in-person meetings. And of course, teammates are staying away from work when sick.
Scammers are capitalizing on fears surrounding COVID-19. Because your safety is important to us at Providence Bank/Premier Bank Texas, we wanted to share these scams with you. The best way to avoid becoming a target is to be cautious and verify all information through third parties before you proceed with any suggested transaction.

Phishing/Imposter Scams– Emails or Telephone Calls claiming to be from the national or global health authorities trying to trick victims into providing personal, financial or other sensitive information. Criminals are also pretending to be hospital officials claiming that a relative has fallen sick with the virus and is requesting payments for medical treatment. It has even been reported that fake drive-thru virus testing sites have been located in some cities, which charge large testing fees for taking tests.

Investment Scams – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) urged investors to be wary of COVID-19-related investment scams, such as promotions that falsely claim that the products or services of publicly traded companies can prevent, detect, or cure coronavirus.

Product Scams – The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued public statements and warning letters to companies selling unapproved or misbranded products that make false health claims pertaining to COVID-19. Additionally, FinCEN has received reports regarding fraudulent marketing of COVID-19-related supplies, such as certain facemasks.
Emails with Links – Do not click on links that offer updated information about COVID-19. Many of these links take you to malicious sites or contain malware. One scam is a fake COVID-19 map that contains a type of spyware that steals usernames, passwords, credit card information and other data stored in browsers. Never click on an email link, instead type the address in your browser.

Home Visits – Fraudsters are telling people to self-isolate, then pretend to do them a favor by offering to purchase supplies with their bank cards or cash, then running off with their money. Imposters are also posing as COVID-19 testers then robbing the homeowner once inside the home.

IRS related scams – The Internal Revenue Service recently released information urging taxpayers to be on the lookout for a surge of calls, and email phishing attempts about COVID-19. These contacts can lead to tax-related fraud or identity theft. The IRS WILL NOT contact you asking to verify or provide your financial information so you can get your economic impact payment or refund faster. Do not open emails, click on links or reply to text messages requesting information.

Here are a couple of links with tips to help keep you safe!

There is a great deal of misinformation regarding COVID-19 out there – below are some helpful resources that are being updated every day with the most up to date information.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
World Health Organization
John Hopkins University 
IRS (Internal Revenue Service)