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For Insurance Agents

Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither was your agency.  Let us help!



  • Call us 877.894.2785

Call us to talk to our account managers about your specific needs and what products we offer. 

  • We can call you

If you want to provide some limited information prior to talking to us, complete our formand one of our account managers will call you.

  • Email us

You can always email us at, but we prefer a live conversation so we can ensure that we understand your specific needs, answer all your questions and get you in the best product to achieve your objectives.

  • Submit the application and required documentation

Once you’ve talked to an account manager about your insurance agency financing, you’ll receive an email with the application and information request.  You can also find the application here
  • Credit review

We’ll review your application, ask any follow up questions we may have of you and provide initial feedback on product and loan terms.  Our credit review can take as little as one day for certain Quick App loans for Allstate agents and will be longer for insurance agency acquisition or more complicated financing scenarios.
  • Credit approval

Once we’ve discussed the best product for you and general terms, we will seek credit approval.  Depending on the product and your loan size, approval time will vary.
  • Loan documentation

Once we have loan approval, we will prepare loan documents and get your bank account(s) set up.  Much of our insurance agency loan document package is electronic.  You’ll have a closing call with us to walk you through the documentation and sign everything.
  • Funding

Together we will handle any closing conditions and fund your loan.
The process for loans for insurance agents takes an average of 30-45 days but can be as quick as two weeks for Quick Apps.
  • Post-closing conditions

There may be a few post-closing conditions on your loan that you may need to complete.
  • Automatic loan payment

Your monthly loan payment will be made automatically from your commission deposits.
You can access your operating account via online banking to view account activity or perform online banking activities such as ACH and wire transfers.



Are you buying an insurance agency? Are you selling an insurance agency? List your agency for sale with us or search our database to find insurance agencies for sale in your area. There is no cost or obligation to list. You can search by state for both independent and Allstate agencies for sale. If you find an agency you want to acquire, contact us to discuss how we can help with the financing.


Our newest listings: 

  • Independent Agencies: Georgia, Tennessee
  • Allstate Agencies: Illinois, New York, Montana, Maryland, North Carolina



Providence Bank Agency Finance specializes in loans for insurance agents. We have been providing financing for insurance agents since 2003. If you are ready to grow your insurance agency, buy or sell an insurance agency, our consultative staff is ready to help you.  Call to get a quote or obtain additional information about our loan products. 


Insurance agency lending doesn't have to be complicated. If you're ready to start your application, answer a few short questions so we can get you down the right path.