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Certified Homebuyer Program

It's like having the key to your new home in your hands!

Top 4 reasons to be a Certified Homebuyer:

  1. It’s the best way to show the seller and the realtors that you are financially able to purchase a home. Simply submit your income and asset documents to one of our experienced mortgage bankers and get certified to purchase a home. 
  2. Being designated as a Certified Homebuyer prior to entering into a purchase
    contract makes the homebuying process quicker and smoother for all parties.

  3. Both you and the seller have peace of mind during the purchase process.
  4. Being a Certified Homebuyer helps diminish any potential last-minute issues
    or hiccups during your loan process.

Contact one of our experienced Mortgage Bankers to become a Certified Homebuyer now!

Being a pre-approved borrower is good. Becoming a Providence Bank/Premier Bank Texas Certified Borrower is BEST!  Call or reach out to one of our experienced Mortgage Bankers today to learn more!
All loans are subject to final review and approval by an underwriter prior to closing.