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Mortgage FAQs

Answers to some frequently asked mortgage questions!

 what can you expect when applying for a mortgage?

Get answers to some frequently asked mortgage questions.

Loan Programs, Rates & Fees
When it comes to home financing, there are many different options from which you can choose. We provide information to help you understand which loan program might be best for you and your unique situation.

Your Application 
Applying for a mortgage loan can be intimidating. You’re asked specific details about your income, assets, and debts. We provide information that will let you know how your personal information is used when applying for a mortgage, and why it is important that this information is accurate.

Your Property
When you finance investment property or your home, the property is used as collateral for your loan. We provide you with information so that you can understand what information is important about the property, and why this is pertinent to your loan approval.

Closing and Beyond
Your loan has been approved and you’re heading toward your loan closing date. This is an exciting time but there can still be lots of questions. This section will provide you with information about what to expect at your loan closing and after the loan documents have been signed.